Laser Cutting & Engraving


The laser cutting and engraving services cover a variety of materials including hardwood, MDF, plastic, acrylic, mirror, cloth, leather, paper, chipboard, glass, metal,  rubber, and more.  work is done on a 3 x 4 foot lasering area with a 4 x 8 foot pass through ability to laser larger items.


- Mock up cutouts for students, designers and architects 

- Acrylic or wood signage

- Embossing surfaces of furniture or accesories

- Personalized branding on products and promotional items

- Pieces for architectural models or craft models

- Peel and stick adhesive laser cut plexiglass and mirror plexi.

- Etched art prints

- Etched photos or art on various materials such as wood, glass or stone.

- Etching glass plate or mirror

- Personalized or etched glasses or bottles

- Personalized give-away items for corporate or private events.

- Intricate paper cutouts such as lace patterned gate-fold invitations

- Unique business cards

- Stencils 

- Manufacturing parts for the maker community

​- Customized jewelry

- And more...

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