Earthdrop Designs provides design and fabrication services, custom original art,  as well as fast turnaround CNC laser cutting and engraving services to businesses, creative agencies, and individuals. 

We are based out of Los Angeles in sunny Southern California  

Whether you are a design professional, artist or maker, event industry guru, restaurant owner, or student, We will try to accommodate your needs and help you achieve the desired finished product. See below for a description of services, or check out the gallery for pictures of past jobs and artwork.

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Laser Cutting and Engraving

We offer fast turnaround laser cutting and engraving services covering a variety of materials including wood, Plexiglas, leather, various paper products, and more. 

Custom Fabrication

Covering everything from a piece of laser cut jewelry you've designed, to menu boards for restaurants, to props and set pieces for film, events, or trade shows, we can fabricate parts or whole pieces.

Corporate Installations

Are you looking for a unique reception desk, creative store displays, or customized furniture and decor for a business? We offer custom design and fabrication services. Send us your design ideas and we can create it for you.

Custom Branding

We can etch a logo on a product, create custom tags for your products, or make branded giveaways for a trade show or an event. 


We can cut custom stencils for a number of uses ranging from painted, signs, airbrushing, and mural art.


Whether you want a rustic wood sign for a vintage cafe, or a sleek modern back-lit logo for the wall of your business, we can help you through the design process  and create it for you.


Art by Earthdrop Designs